Monday, March 19, 2012

DRCC Session 2 Class #5

For this week's layout, I wanted to play up the Lucy paper that already has little crowns drawn on it so I cut out the title and the big crown from my Big Kids cartridge on the Slice. I like the addition of the Grey Wool paper to this paper pack as it gives a nice soft touch that isn't super girly. It tied together all of the pictures of my niece that were taken over a span of time. 

To create the ribbon flower in the top right corner I did the following with a length of stitched grosgrain ribbon:

Step 1: From the same side of the ribbon, pull the ends of the thread away from the ribbon so that you have enough to grab onto. 
Step 2: Continue pushing the ribbon together while keeping both ends of the thread loose until the ribbon has gathered completely in the middle.

Step 3: Tie the thread in a knot tightly to secure the circle shape.

Step 4: Clip off the end of the thread and use a Glue Dot to adhere the 2 ends of the ribbon together so that they don't show. 
Step 5: Adhere a button or other embellishment to the middle of your flower and you are ready to adhere it to your project using more Glue Dots.

You can change the size of the flower by using different sized ribbon and also using a longer length of ribbon. I used approximately 10" of ribbon, but this ribbon is 1" wide.

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