Monday, March 5, 2012

DRCC Session 2 Class #3

So after I uploaded these pictures, I realized that my Cranberry red paper looked very orange. Please don't get discouraged, I just need to photograph this layout in better light and then the color won't look so off. Once I get new pictures taken, I will replace them on my blog. 

This is somewhat of a generic themed layout using the new Superhero paper. I chose to use pictures with a Flames theme as that's what worked best for me. I used my Slice to cut out the title. I originally cut out "One of a kind", but as there are 3 Flames fans, I just cut off the "one" and then used my Slice again to cut out a large 3. 

We'll be using the scoring blade from paper trimmers in class to create the borders as well as to create these funky pennants. They're not really hard to make, you just need to know the proper dimensions. I sanded on top of the scored borders and the edges of the pennants to bring out the white core. 

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