Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 8

I saw a blog post on Pinterest using Washi tape to make a quick flip book without Flip-Flaps quite some time ago and wanted to use it in class as it is a quick and easy way to add pictures that you still want to include on your page, but may not be quite as prominent as some others. 

My family's trip to Zoolights was the perfect example as I still wanted to include the pictures of the lights, but my son and husband were more important to showcase, obviously. The flip book was fairly easy, I just cut some paper, patterned or cardstock works, a normal mat size for my pictures then spaced them out on my page so that I can still see a portion of the picture. I then adhered the paper to the page with Washi tape and made sure it was stuck down really well by rubbing over it with my fingers several times. I also flipped the paper up and then creased the Washi tape so that a fold was premade and when the pictures are flipped through, there isn't a chance of the Washi tape coming off. If you have lots of pictures, you can also add pictures to the undersides of the paper in the book.

I finished off the page with some Christmas Village stamps, some ribbon and a circle cut out from the CTMH Artbooking Cricut cartridge. If you so desire, this layout could also be split up into a front page of a book and a back page. Just add another title to the left side. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 7

Confetti Wishes - the name just screams cakes and cupcakes and parties, doesn't it? As I sat at my work desk looking at this paper and trying to get some inspiration, I received my latest CTMH order. In that order was the December Stamp of the Month, Cutie Pie. Well the layout just got slapped together after that. Mind you, I had to finish up the cards for the workshop coming up this weekend, so that's why it's a bit later than usual, sorry all! I did find the layout from Scrapbook Generations on this blog post, with my own added spin on it of course, but they do have some excellent layouts. 

To create the 3 colored cupcake on the top left of the page, I stamped the stand in Pacifica ink, then stamped the cupcake twice, once in Crystal Blue and once in Petal (purple).

I then cut out all 3 images, but only cutting out the top portion of the cupcake in the purple.

I adhered the cupcake onto the stand and used 3D foam to put the top purple half of the cupcake on. I added purple Stickles for the cherry and blue stickles for the bottom wrapper of the cupcake. 

I finished off the page by adding Stickles to the hearts on the title and the wooden Polaroid frame. I also used some glitter tape to add some more sparkle and a bit of ribbon under the title. 


Sunday, November 16, 2014

2014 Christmas Card Workshop

I had some fun with the cards as I did play with the Artfully sent CTMH Cricut Cartridge a bit. I also used Art Booking and Art Philosophy for some elements on the cards as well. I had a request from one of my ladies, to use one stamp set so that if someone wanted to, they could purchase it and complete more of the cards at home. It can be challenging to use only one stamp set for Christmas cards, but that's also because I have quite a collection of Christmas Stamp sets that I love to use. Anyway, here are the cards that we will be making on Saturday. Let me know which one is your favorite. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 6

The moment I saw the Snowhaven paperpack I knew I loved it. I know it's on the trendy side with the Scandinavian print, but the colors are so bold and to pair it with a black snowflake pattern on the opposite side, it really balances it out. I maximized the paper here by bringing the cut out snowflakes from the back ground on the right side over to the left side and popping a couple of them up. I also incorporated the print behind the snow title. I used part of a different stamp to complete the title by using the "post-it" mask method. I then finished it off with some glitter ribbon tape along with the zip strip from the paper to include more pennants. I hope you like this one because when I revealed it at my class last night, everyone raved about it.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 5


I had a bit of fun with this layout as it's so brightly coloured with all of the strips of paper. I also used washi tape for 2 of the strips to add more pattern and dimension while grounding the layout with the solid card stock pieces. The title was actually a 2 line stamp, so I used a partial mask to make it one line. I also had a bit of fun by using one of my older stamp sets, the house and playing around with different whimsy decor and then cutting it out to add to the "home" theme of the layout. I finished it off with some 3D jewels, dots and a heart puffy. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 4

Of course I had to do a Halloween layout considering that Halloween is next Friday. This is the Scaredy Cat paper pack. I cut out 2 spider web borders from the Cricut and had to play around with them a little bit in order for them to fit under the centre pieces. They turned out great as I just cut the one edge off of the middle sections to make it more continuous. I also cut out the title on the Cricut, but will be letting my class pick out their titles in class as I have a great monster cartridge with some good ones. I also found some cute jewels, the chevron washi tape and journaling tags on sale for embellishing. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 3

Here come the baby pictures! Yes, this is my newest little one, Callie. Her Auntie took some great pictures of her just after she was born so there will definitely be some more to come. I used the Chalk It Up paper pack for this layout that features stars on one side of the paper and this cool doodle on the other side. To embellish, I stamped a border along the top, added some 3D star stickers on the left side, heart stickers along the bottom right border and the fantastic glitter tape dove-tailed in the top right. I also hand drew with a pen around the Cricut starburst title and heat embossed the stamped title. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 2

I know I keep on saying that I love the versatility of CTMH products, but how can you not when they keep on coming out with such great things! This is the Seaside paper pack and instead of making this layout beachy, which would be super easy to do, I've maintained somewhat of an anything goes type of layout and just added elements to make it outdoorsy instead of beachy. I started the layout with inking the edges of the paper to make all the pieces distressed like the look of the patterned paper and the stamped title. I also made the Happy circle stamp in the journaling box a bit distressed by lightly dabbing a baby wipe to the stamp to remove some of the ink. To make the buttons, I cut a couple different sizes of buttons from different colors of cardstock, then ran them through the Cuttlebug using a polkadot folder, then distressed the embossed circles with a sandblock. I knotted hemp through the holes and adhered them with 3D foam tape. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 1

Welcome to my new class! I'm excited to have the workshop in my basement up and running. It's taken some time, but it's finally ready. It is a basement and it's basic, but it's spacious! The first class of the 8-week session starts on Wednesday, October 8 at 7:30pm. If you would like more information or to register, please email me. There is also an advanced drop in option in case you are only able to make it to my class on occasion, just let me know by the day prior and I will make sure to have a kit prepared for you. 

The first layout we are doing is a classic Autumn layout using the new Pathfinding paper pack from CTMH. The colors incorporated in the paper are a great complement to each other. This layout has also used up the last of the pictures from this family photo shoot so no more to scrap! Now I need to put them in an album! 

Instead of a journaling block, I chose to use a word puzzle stamp on the left page. The technique I used is first stamping the word puzzle in one color, then stamping it on an extra piece of cardstock in a second color, then cutting out the words that I wanted highlighted and then placing them on top of the original stamped paper using 3D foam tape. 

I utilized the zip strip from the paper to create the fun journaling strips on the bottom of the right page and used a pennant image from the CTMH Artbooking Cricut cartridge to add to the celebrate theme. 

See you on Wednesday!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

DRCC Session 7 Class #11

Alright ladies, this is the last class of the session. While most of my layout designs are from the CTMH voluminous series of design books, I recently saw this blog post from Creating Keepsakes and thought that the layout by Jing-Jing Nickel would be a great class for my ladies. Of course I have changed it somewhat as I don't have quite as many layers, but the concept is about the same and I got to use lots of washi tape!! 

I cut out the title using the CTMH Cricut Artbooking cartridge and the background large circle was from the Artiste cartridge. 

I used the Balloon Ride paper pack again as the colors matched so wonderfully, but I pulled out the green of the water in the hippo tank by using Juniper as a mat for the pictures and in the washi tape as well. I added accents of the sorbet this time, by only using the ribbon. 

This may be the last blog post for some time, until baby #2 arrives and we settle in over the summer (although I did do a super cute layout at the last retreat that I would love to share), but I will be having workshops in my basement as I've been able to stumble upon some great deals on tables and chairs recently so that I have somewhere for everyone to sit and work on! I'm excited to host them in my own home as it will definitely make it a bit easier for me especially with 2 kids, but I will definitely miss my class at Deer Run. It has been marvellous these past 3 years and I hope you all can come to my house for my classes! I do think we'll still have crops in the south occasionally, but the cry from my north ladies is quite loud lately. Please comment and share and I will see you again in the Fall!

PS. there may be a new post in August about the wonderful new Idea Book coming out and possibly a baby pic or 20...

DRCC Session 7 Class #10

As my class is aware, I am pregnant with baby number 2 who is due at the end of July and I am getting quite tired lately. Since we've missed 2 classes in a row, which is not only my fault, we will be doing a 2-layout class this upcoming Tuesday as the last class in the session. 

I used a pre-designed layout from the CTMH Cricut cartridge Artbooking to make this pretty cool layout. My son is in soccer this year, but I have yet to get the pictures in so I'm hoping to put them in this layout. When the pictures are in the layout will be a little bit less videogamey and more sporty. I promise!

DRCC Session 7 Class #9

While the Jubilee paper pack is definitively country, it's still versatile and even though I live in a city, there are tons of places to go that work with this paper pack. It does help that we have the World Famous Calgary Stampede every year though...

We went to the Calgary Corn Maze last fall and I got some great shots of the pig races, chasing after chickens, going in a cow tractor ride and my munchkin just being silly on the playground. I played up the country theme by using a somewhat patchwork layout on the right and accenting it with faux stitching. I played up the corn maze aspect by inking some Milepost shapes different colors and using arrows strategically. I also stamped the title a bit more creatively than normal, but I made it easier to read by using different colors. This is one of my favorite layouts so far for this session of classes. 

DRCC Session 7 Class #8

I have officially fallen in love with the Ballon Ride paper pack, it is much more versatile than I thought it would be from the catalogue and this is only one piece from the bulk! It has lots of colors in it that work quite well together, like the sorbet and Crystal Blue. I pulled out the Artiste CMTH cricut cartridge for this one to cut out the cloud and the balloon. Since this was a bouncy castle birthday party, it seemed quite appropriate to have such a theme for the layout. 

DRCC Session 7 Class #7

The Babycakes paper pack is just so adorable, I couldn't help but use it for my little monkey once again. Plus I got to try out my new Artbooking cartridge that has the coordinating shapes for the lion and giraffe on this stamp set so the ladies in my class didn't have to cut them out by hand. They loved that!

DRCC Session 7 Class #6

I thought hard about what type of theme to use the Ariana paper pack for and I realized that it's a great summer layout. I also had this great sketchy stamp of fruit that I've been wanting to use for quite some time. We are hoping to get out this summer and go to some Farmer's markets and maybe some pick your own orchards. Those pictures would be great with this layout and all I have to do is just print them!

To make the fruit more 3D, I stamped it on the page once in chocolate ink and then again in red on a scrap piece and cut just the fruit out and put it right on top of itself with 3D foam tape. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DRCC Session 7 Class #5

Sorry about the picture everyone. I just seem to be in such a rush lately that you're lucky to get a picture at all! Another one I will need to repost later on anyway since I do want to increase the size of the left picture to a 5x7. 

This is the Ivy Lane paperpack I'm using and I do like the bold print of the flowers. It's a nice contrast with the mild pattern on the back side which is a monochromatic green. Because the layout itself has a lot going on, I kept the accents to a minimum. Some rhinestone flourishes and a flower. The lighter pink piece with the flower on the right side is for journaling, although you could turn the pages and use the darker pink as a journaling space as well. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

DRCC Session 7 Class #4

I know, I have no pictures on my layout. I desperately need to send pics in to get printed, only problem is that they are on my moms computer...I'll get there, one day. I do know which pictures I'm putting in here at least so that will help. If I can get them printed in a timely fashion I promise to update this post with a newer picture. 

This is the Skylark paper pack. I like the contrast of the Lagoon and Juniper blue papers, plus the arrowed zipstrip that is along the bottom is a really nice accent and I placed them over top of some juniper washi tape. Because the paper was quite busy, I kept the accents to a minimum, but to bring out the distressing, I did ink the edges of all of the paper. I've added a cut out bird in one corner and the pennant on the right will also serve as a journaling space. 

DRCC Session 7 Class #3

If anyone knows me, lately I've been obsessed with owls and the new Lollydoodle paperpack from CTMH has some super cute owls to go with their adorable paper. It was the perfect paper for some family shots of my sister, her husband and my nieces. Gotta have cute paper to go with the cute girlies! To add some dimension, I inked some chipboard flowers in the coordinating colors and added a rhinestone centre. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

DRCC Session 7 Class #2

This is the Timberline paper and I'm using the stamp set from the Workshop On The Go. I'm loving this paper as it's not just for camping, it's an all out good paper pack for anything outdoorsy, but the wood grain piece is far more versatile than just outdoor layouts too. I used some layering and stamping techniques along with the Irresistible Dimensional Element chipboard pieces. I do have to finish my journaling, but that always seems to take quite some time. You can also just put another picture there as well. See you in class! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

DRCC Session 7 Class #1

Well, I'm back for another session of classes. The latest Idea Book has some great Spring and Summer papers. This layout used Jubilee which has a bit of a country flair to it. I used it for my Stampede Parade pictures. To add some dimension, I stamped and the cut out the pinwheels and used twist-ties for the sticks.