Monday, April 7, 2014

DRCC Session 7 Class #4

I know, I have no pictures on my layout. I desperately need to send pics in to get printed, only problem is that they are on my moms computer...I'll get there, one day. I do know which pictures I'm putting in here at least so that will help. If I can get them printed in a timely fashion I promise to update this post with a newer picture. 

This is the Skylark paper pack. I like the contrast of the Lagoon and Juniper blue papers, plus the arrowed zipstrip that is along the bottom is a really nice accent and I placed them over top of some juniper washi tape. Because the paper was quite busy, I kept the accents to a minimum, but to bring out the distressing, I did ink the edges of all of the paper. I've added a cut out bird in one corner and the pennant on the right will also serve as a journaling space. 

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