Thursday, November 6, 2014

Scrapaholics Unite Session 1 Class 6

The moment I saw the Snowhaven paperpack I knew I loved it. I know it's on the trendy side with the Scandinavian print, but the colors are so bold and to pair it with a black snowflake pattern on the opposite side, it really balances it out. I maximized the paper here by bringing the cut out snowflakes from the back ground on the right side over to the left side and popping a couple of them up. I also incorporated the print behind the snow title. I used part of a different stamp to complete the title by using the "post-it" mask method. I then finished it off with some glitter ribbon tape along with the zip strip from the paper to include more pennants. I hope you like this one because when I revealed it at my class last night, everyone raved about it.

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