Thursday, November 10, 2011

DRCC Session 1 Class #3

For this layout, I used 4-4x4 photo's and 1-8x10 photo. If you don't have an 8x10 photo you would like to use, 4-4x5 pictures can also be bunched together in that area. Color photo's are fine as well. We'll also be focusing on inking at the next class and by that, I mean edging paper and photos in ink to give them definition. I'll also be demonstrating a neat trick on how to cut your ribbon so that your knot is placed exactly where you want it.

We'll also be using some a few embellishments, a rub-on, brads, photo clips and the new Foundry Pin Clips pictured here.

For my students, if you would like a deep purple or a dark green in place of the brown cardstock, please email me by Monday for when I prep the class. Start thinking about title's too! See you on Tuesday!

Please email me as well if you would like more information on my classes. 

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